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Quickly and easily search for NAICS / SIC / iSIC, select one and then watch as the Industry auto-completes. Remove ambiguity in industry selection and segment your accounts correctly.

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Classifying accounts into specific industries is vital to correctly segment your data for reporting and analysis. Unfortunately this task can be both difficult and long-winded using the standard interface as it requires users to lookup the correct code outside of Salesforce® with no validation that the value entered is valid.


IndustryComplete makes this process as simple as a single click. Now your users can easily and reliably lookup a correct SIC code and industry within seconds.  Populate with included  ISIC rev 4,  NAICS07 or USSIC87 standard where each SIC is mapped to one of the standard Salesforce industry values.


Full access is given to the Industries values such that your Salesforce administrator can easily re-map the industries or even replace the SICs with an alternative standard. 


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