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New and improved address verification features for Salesforce!

by Beth Clements AddressTools

If you already have a subscription to AddressTools Premium and address verification credits, you get all the following upgrades included in your current plan! If you don’t currently have a license and/or credits but see something you like, get in contact with our sales team - sales@provenworks.com.

Typeahead address verification for Salesforce

We have released typeahead PowerSearch for premise-level address verification.


As you start typing, a list of addresses will appear that will narrow down as you enter in more information. This will allow users to quickly look for available addresses and save time by allowing them to select the correct address as soon as they see it in the picklist.

To get this enabled, upgrade to package version 7.50 or later and email support@provenworks.com so that we can make the switch to PowerSearch.

Batch Address verification for Salesforce Reports

We’ve made it even easier to verify your existing Salesforce address data as you can now verify addresses defined in a report. Either verify the addresses in the report as a one off, or take advantage of the scheduling feature to run the job daily.


To get this enabled, simply upgrade to the latest version on the AppExchange and follow this guide to test it out!

Upgrading to the latest version

Please see our release history for information on additions to the package. We recommend upgrading in Sandbox first before upgrading in Production.

If you would like any more additional information, please contact info@provenworks.com and your account manager will get back to you.