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What is the impact of poor quality data?

by Beth Clements News

Data is an incredibly important asset to any business, but bad quality data is not just a time sink to remedy, it can also cause active damage to an organization. Starting with good quality data is key, especially in Salesforce where qualifying leads, assigning key accounts, and ensuring cases are routed to the correct queues are paramount.

What are the consequences of bad data?

  • Damage to relationships with clients and partners
  • Lowered credibility
  • Poor productivity
  • Poor decision making
  • Lost revenue

How can I get accurate data in my Salesforce Organization?

Salesforce provides various ways to keep data accurate such as validation rules, required fields, workflow rules, and duplicate management rules to name a few. We believe that wherever possible, data should be accurate at the point of entry, and where that isn’t possible or bad data has already been accumulated, you should have the means to highlight and intelligently cleanse it. We offer a range of solutions for the Salesforce CRM platform to promote and assist accurate data entry, to provide methods to cleanse your data, integrate it, and help keep your business compliant with GDPR.


AddressTools can verify address data both at the point of entry, or as a clean up task. With the data being verified against local postal authorities in over 240+ countries, you can rely on AddressTools to ensure that Salesforce is your master source of knowledge. Ensure that users in your Salesforce Organization are spending their time efficiently, rather than having to fix the issues caused by poor quality address data.



IndustryComplete uses NAICS, SIC and iSIC classification systems to verify industries in Salesforce. With an easy to use component, users can search for an industry using keywords which will also then populate the standard Salesforce industry field. Having an interactive and easy to use component to enter in industry data will not only save users time, but it will also ensure accurate data is entered.

Industrycomplete (2)


The Managed Import component from SimpleImport allowed users to import data into Salesforce directly, but only into predefined fields, mapped by an administrator. Standard users are empowered with streamlined import functionality, but with strict, customizable controls to ensure security and data integrity.


For more information on our products discussed above please check out our AppExchange listings for AddressTools, IndustryComplete and SimpleImport.