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An interactive industry lookup tool to enhance your account data. Stay up to date with SIC, NAICS and ISIC data which can be installed directly into your org.

Product Information

Quickly and easily search for NAICS / SIC / iSIC, select one and then watch as the Industry auto-completes. Remove ambiguity in industry selection and segment your accounts correctly.

Simple and effective

  • Allow users to complete the SIC field through an easy-to-use search-lookup form
  • Each SIC is mapped to an Industry value so that Industry is always and automatically completed correctly 

Easy to use

  • Now your users can easily and reliably lookup a correct SIC code and industry within seconds
  • Use SIC and Industry to segment and analyse your install base

ProvenWorks’ IndustryComplete is a simple solution to reliably lookup a correct SIC code.

IndustryComplete starts at $2,500 USD for a site license for a year!

Full access is given to the Industries values such that your Salesforce administrator can easily re-map the industries or even replace the SICs with an alternative standard.

Get in contact with us today to set up your site license for IndustryComplete.

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