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Click to dial and draft texts from within Salesforce, through your mobile handset. Check your numbers against the TPS and CTPS databases to ensure compliance.

Product Information

PhoneTools allows you to easily make calls and send SMS messages from within Salesforce®. We also provide functionality to ensure PECR compliance with our TPS and CTPS phone screening feature.

    TPS & CTPS Screening

    • Automated and manual screening for all configured phone fields
    • Simple to understand traffic light notification icons
    • Minutes to configure for ongoing screening. Watch an overview video here. 

    Click to Call and SMS

    • Call or SMS through your cell phone, using Salesforce® on your browser
    • Automatically create tasks for outbound activity tracking
    • Available on all standard and custom objects and compatible with Apple and Andriod

ProvenWorks’ PhoneTools is a simple extension for your Salesforce® org, saving you time and increasing productivity. 

TPS and CTPS Screening

Screen telephone numbers against UK TPS and CTPS databases to assist with PECR compliance.

Spotlight status icons let your users know at a glance whether the number can be called or not.

Turn on scheduled screening to save users time in already having the numbers screened and use our formula field to only screen numbers that require screening.

Pay for just the numbers that you screen.

number screened against UK TPS and CTPS database in phonetools

Case Study - Ebury

“PhoneTools mitigates the risk of being fined by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), it is really well embedded in our Salesforce Organisation and it’s one of the best installs you can find on the AppExchange, it is simple and does what it needs to do.”

Read the full case study here.

Ebury Case Study
choosing a device to dial number from in lightning component

Click to Call and SMS

Quickly and easily call clients with the click of a button from within Salesforce®, and record them as an acivity

Add our Lightning component to your page layout or add icons to your object using Salesforce Classic

Available for both Android and Apple devices

Use the Quick Dial feature to call or send and SMS to any number on the fly from any page within your Salesforce® Org

Pricing - TPS & CTPS

TPS & CTPS Pricing starts at £1,200/year per Org.

We offer discounts for large credit purchases.

Billing is required to be paid annually.

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Pricing - Click to Dial

Click to Dial pricing: $10 USD/user/month. 

We offer discounts for larger orgs, please contact sales@provenworks.com for more information.

Billing is required to be paid annually

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